About me

Hello! My name is Dominik and I am an individual who loves to get challenged on a daily basis at work and outside of work as a way to strengthen my computer science skills and my character. I have created a website to share my work with you and show you what I am capable of accomplishing. Most of the projects on this website are a base for some bigger projects. I believe I have a lot of experience in the computer science world and I am learning every day to become a better programmer. In the past, I tutored students and helped them with homework problems. Due to that, I learned more due to the projects that they were assigned and became more flexible with the programming language. In addition to that, I helped a couple of companies and public organizations with problems using WordPress. Also, my current work provided me with experience with administration servers and networking. Due to the job, I got a deeper understanding of the structure of hardware, software, and how to code.

After all my work and learning I believe I am ready for any task that is thrown at me. Every day I try to learn something new and lately, I have been concentrating on programming languages such as C# and Python which are the foundation of my website. Some of my projects are written in C++, PHP, CSS, and many different ones. In addition to that for my projects, I try to use a platform that is easy to set up after the integration with the main code. So if you ask me, do I learn? Yes, I can promise you that I learn every day and I try to be as best as I can. Thank you.